With the advent of online shopping, HealthPost took its wealth of natural health experience onto the web, and the business moved to another level. Most of their business now happens through the website, but you’ll still get a “real” person when you need one, by phone or email. They oversee every one of their orders with the care that their long-standing customers have come to count on.


HealthPost believe in the products they sell and they are proud to be part of people taking responsibility for their own health. HealthPost is more than a "shop" with their ever-expanding online resource of blogs, recipes and product reviews, they are a vibrant wellness community, connecting our customers with the information and the inspiration they need to achieve excellent health. They demonstrate their commitment to natural health by making a huge range of products as accessible as possible, keeping the price down and delivering swiftly and widely. They are dedicated to the continued availability of safe and natural solutions in NZ and beyond. They take pleasure in supporting other local businesses with excellent ethical credentials and helping New Zealand’s natural health and skincare products enjoy the international success that they deserve  



Whether you are supplementing on a daily basis to foster optimum health, or looking for specific products to support particular conditions, you can look to HealthPost with confidence. HealthPost selectively sources leading nutritional supplements from New Zealand and internationally to bring you the best quality nutritional support.




 Helps Improve Your Immune System!

" I was born with a very weak immune system, every single year of my life I have been severely sick especially during winter of course. And it's not just a cold or flu that lasts a few days, it's much worse and mine lasts incredibly long compared to most people, the longest time i remember was 2 weeks, absolute nightmare. Now that I am an adult it is important I look after myself best as possible, this product really helps improve my well being. I have been taking these pills for a few years now and last year I took it continuously without any breaks, that year I didn't get any any harsh colds or flu, that was pretty amazing to me. Unfortunately I stopped taking the pills and and have just repurchased it again a few months ago since Winter is here now in NZ. My advice is to take it long before Winter to really prepare your immune system if your anything like me and don't stop using it. Right now I still have a slight cold like a normal person would, but i know if I wasn't taking these pills it would be a lot worse. I will continue to use these pills for a very long time if not the rest of my life, Inner Health Plus will always have my support."

Linda. P



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